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High Friction Surface Sealer

The Advantage of Anti-skid Ceramic Aggregates+Sealer Working Systems

● Antiskid, the road surface has good water-dispersion, high anti-slip performance, bright colors, and rapid construction, which can be completed overnight. High laying efficiency means low working hours.
● Reduce noise, the fine structure made of aggregate has the effect of conducting audio, and the use on the cement road can reduce the noise by 3 or 4 decibels.
● Environmental, Anticorrosives, Low water absorption
● Bright in color, Upscale appearance, Never fading, Hard & firm, Long service life

Product Description

High Friction Surface Sealer

 - for driveway

EASYBOND supply and lay cold applied high friction surface surfacing sealelM54 -HSFT and aggregates which can be used for cycle tracks, approachesto junctions and roundabouts and also driveways.

We use a hand applied two-pack resin system which can be applied totarmac, concrete and asphalt. lt is covered in the chosen colowrad aggregate.Usually it is covered in 2-3mm Chinese color aggregate to provide a stronganti-skid-surface on roads. For cycle tracks it is usually covered in 2-3mm redcoloured aggregate..

A reduction in pavement friction during wet conditions

A high friction demand due to vehicle speed and/or roadway geometrics..

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